Charter for the Safety of People within the Churches of the Anglican Communion

 In October 2012, the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Auckland passed a resolution calling on their Churches to adopt and implement a 'Charter for the Safety of People within the Churches of the Anglican Communion' developed by the Anglican Communion Safe Church Consultation. The Charter is intended as a framework for promoting the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare and safety of all people, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults within the churches of the Anglican Communion.

  • Charter for the Safety of People within the Churches of the Anglican Communion. English Francais


Safer Recruitment of Clergy and Church Workers

  • In April 2016 the Anglican Consultative Council passed resolution ACC-16.27 welcoming the ‘Protocol for the disclosure of ministry suitability information’ prepared by the Anglican Communion Safe Church Network and requested Anglican Provinces to implement the Protocol and report to ACC-17. The protocol is available in English and French.
  • Safeguarding Guidelines relating to Safer Recruitment: For all who work on behalf of the Church of England 
    The Church of England has issued this guidance to all roles in the church which involve working with children or adults who are vulnerable. It has been issued on an interim basis to reflect the present UK government's review of the Independent Safeguarding Authority and Vetting and Barring system.
  •  Model System for Selection and Accreditation of Church Workers in Parishes, 2006
    This Anglican Church of Australia resource for clergy and parishes when selecting and accrediting parish church workers, including volunteers, gives steps to follow before and after appointing a church worker. It has been designed for use in parishes but can be used by other church bodies.

Safeguarding Adults and Children

Standards of Behaviour

Theological Resources

Building Resilience


Caring for those who have been abused

Responding to persons of concern


Faithfulness in Service: A video resource from the Anglican Church of Australia with Indigenous people discussing some basic safeguarding concepts, February 2016.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 The story of how Faithfulness in Service came about
  • Chapter 2 Care for all people because God made them
  • Chapter 3 Don’t take advantage of the community
  • Chapter 4 Little children are sacred; don’t hurt them. Help them grow.
  • Chapter 5 Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you.
  • Chapter 6 Don’t have sex with someone you shouldn’t have sex with.
  • Chapter 7 Don’t get drunk or use drugs.
  • Chapter 8 Don’t gamble.
  • Chapter 9 Don’t hurt your family by what you say or do.
  • Chapter 10 Tell the truth … Be trustworthy.
  • Credits


Partnering for Prevention: A Conference on Abuse in our Communion and our Communities June 2011